Building Great Futures in Northern RI

Our mission is to enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, and responsible citizens.

For almost seventy years, Boys & Girls Clubs of Northern Rhode Island has served the youth of Cumberland, Lincoln, and Woonsocket by providing a safe haven for them before and after school.

Today, thousands of kids are members at our two Clubhouses, where they can explore their passions, develop critical life skills, and forge lifelong friendships.

We empower the youth of our community and shape them into confident, resilient individuals. We never take a single approach to help kids succeed. It takes caring mentors, such as our trained Club staff. It takes a safe place, like our Clubhouses that are consistently there for the kids they serve. It takes innovative, quality programs (from educational support to sports and arts) to empower youth to excel in school and lead healthy, productive lives.

We do whatever it takes to ensure all kids have a great future.


Discover our welcoming, safe and fun Clubhouses in Cumberland and Woonsocket.


Explore innovative programs designed to empower youth to excel in school, become good citizens and lead healthy, productive lives.


Engage in fun-filled community gatherings to support our mission.

Our programs work: 

Among our teen members, 98% expect to graduate from high school, and 90% plan to complete post-secondary education.


Our History

Founded in 1956 by a group of dedicated citizens, the Cumberland Boys Club began with the support of the community and opened its first facility. Starting with humble beginnings and limited resources, the Club flourished and highlighted the need for a larger space. In 1960, a new Clubhouse was built, and in 1981, the Boys & Girls Club of Cumberland-Lincoln was established. Over the years, it has expanded its offerings, including a pool, outdoor and indoor program areas, and the Hysen Chelo Memorial Field.

In 2002, the Boys & Girls Club of Woonsocket was incorporated, and, in 2018, these two Clubs merged to create the Boys & Girls Clubs of Northern Rhode Island (BGCNRI) to enhance program delivery and increase operational efficiencies. BGCNRI now serves children and youth from Woonsocket, Cumberland, and the surrounding communities. Today, the Club is the leading youth guidance agency in the Northern Rhode Island area and continues to provide a well-rounded foundation for community engagement.

We Exist to Prove Every Kid Has What It Takes

We operate to assure that success is within reach of every young person who enters our doors. We’re committed to making sure all members are on track to create and realize their own plan for the future as they strengthen the values of good character, citizenship, and living a healthy lifestyle.

45% of Club teen members volunteer in their community at least once per month

99% of Club members ages nine and older report getting at least an hour of physical activity on five or more days per week.

We Strive To Help All Members Achieve Their High School Graduation Goals

Every afternoon, members know their first to-do item is homework. Our highly-dedicated and well-trained mentors provide help with assignments. For those without homework, we offer fun and educational activities. Education is infused into all aspects of our programs, from DIY STEM and technology labs to summer learning. We foster communication and problem-solving skills through reading, writing, speaking, math, and science. Teens benefit from specialized college and career counseling. At the end of the day, members have a long list of new knowledge to share.