Youth Memberships 

What’s Included In Your Membership


Our local activities for kids offer a range of opportunities to foster creativity and self-expression. From quiet and group activities to community engagement, our programs cater to diverse interests, including photography and painting.

Health & Wellness

Our memberships for kids provide access to a variety of wellness activities and indoor sport clubs. These programs aim to develop positive behaviors, nurture well-being, and empower children to set personal goals.


Our educational activities are designed to ensure that all members graduate from high school on time, and are equipped for the future. Join us to foster a love for science, engage in educational experiences, and try one of many youth clubs!

Character & Leadership

Our programs promote social emotional learning for kids, fostering responsible, caring citizens. Through conflict resolution activities, youth develop leadership skills and contribute to our Club and community, celebrating our national heritage.

Unlock a World of Enrichment

At BGCNRI, kids have access to a wide range of activities to keep them busy and engaged. From evening activities and extracurricular programs to confidence-building activities, we provide a nurturing environment where kids can explore their interests and develop important life skills. Each member has access to: meals, mentors, homework help, indoor/outdoor activities, and so much more!

Watch the video to hear from our 2023 Youth of the Year on how these programs helped her find success.

Introducing our 2023 Northeast Region Youth of the Year!

Experience Affordable Care

We believe every child deserves access to quality care, healthy activities and enrichment. Our memberships offer affordable before and after school and summer activities, providing a safe, nurturing environment and giving you peace of mind.

Kids Sports Activities

Our programs range from basketball to flag football and everything in between, fostering a love for sport, teamwork, and healthy competition. Beyond just the game, we strive to instill core values such as sportsmanship, perserverance, and respect in all our young athletes. 

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We have so much fun when we get to play in our all-star sports program. Kickball is my favorite!

Age 6